Interesting Facts About Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece and its culture are of great importance for the history of the whole world. According to legends, it was in Greece that the gods lived under the patronage of Zeus. Greece is a sunny place that consists of beautiful mountains and warm beaches near the sea. You should know what interesting facts there are about Ancient Greece.

Greeks and water

The Greeks were not fearless, as they say in history. They were afraid of water, and a large number of people did not know how to swim. The Greeks sailed on boats only along the shores of the sea.

Strange superstitions about food Some Greeks did not use beans because they believed that they contained the souls of deceased people.

The ancient Greeks had many myths and legends

There were many gods, as well as mythological monsters: Cerberus-a dog that guarded the gates to the underworld and had three heads. There was also a Jellyfish that could turn a person to stone with a single glance.

The life expectancy of the ancient Greeks

On average, males lived up to 45 years, and women-up to 36 years. Mortality in born children was frequent, half of all newborns in the first years of life.

The birthplace of the theater

The Greek theater is very different from the modern one. The productions were made tragic, because there was suffering and death in them. Only men played in the theater, both roles for the strong half of humanity and women. Only male representatives went to watch the performance.

The Greeks were not shy

Athletes who took part in the Olympic Games ran without clothes. The tradition began after one athlete's bandage fell off. He was able to run naked. Also, in ordinary life, the Greeks had the right to go without clothes.

Plato was an athlete

The ancient Greek philosopher, whose name was Plato, took part in the Olympic Games. He fought with other people and was able to win several victories.

The philosopher Diogenes lived in a barrel

Ancient legends say that Diogenes lived in a barrel. The Greek lived in a large clay vessel pythos. It is intended to be buried in the ground for storing grain in it.

Wealthy girls led an idle lifestyle

Such Greek women had only one occupation – it was to look at jewelry. They did not work, did not learn to read and write. To feed young children, Greek women took certain milk slaves.

Democracy appeared in Ancient Greece

When local residents took part in the elections, they received money. Thus, there was a high turnout of people.

Wine in Ancient Greece

Wine was a common drink, but it was not consumed as it is now. The alcohol was made from grapes and mixed with water. The liquid was taken only salty, since fresh was very expensive. The Greeks diluted the wine with water not only out of a desire to reduce its strength, but also because some Greek wines were very sweet, flavored and thick, they were difficult to drink in their pure form, although often, due to the high concentration of various substances, it was successfully used in medicine.

Music in Ancient Greece

The Greeks believed that thanks to a rhythmic melody and an unusual dance, you can hypnotize.

City of Athens

It was named after the goddess of Greece. She presented the city with the best gift – an olive tree. Poseidon competed with her, he presented water to people. At first they were very happy, but when they found out that it was salty, Athena won.

In fact, there are even more interesting facts about Ancient Greece. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most developed ancient states. A large number of interesting people lived in ancient Greece, and their names are still not forgotten.


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